Macdonald Minor Hockey Association
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Age Division Directors:

U7/U13 Division - Kurt Parker

U11/U15 Division- Luc Fortier                                

U9/U18 Division - Eric Boyd
 Female Hockey Director - Lindsay Girard          

Vice Female Director - Stacey Maendel  



Domain/LaSalle - Dustin Wiens                204-471-3276 or

OakBluff - Kim/Andrew McMillan      

Sanford/Brunkild - Scott Wiens.                 204-997-6952 or

Starbuck - Jan Morse                         


  • Division Convenors should be your first point of contact for any concerns, issues or complaints.
  • Convenors will try to provide the necessary information to resolve your concern. If no solution is readily available, The convenors will then bring forward all information on your behalf to Executive Board members for resolution.
  • The Macdonald Hockey Association does ask that all complaints or issues concerning other parties be provided to the Division Convenor in writing. All email addresses for your Convenors are listed above. All information will be reviewed by the Board and will be held in strict confidence.